Radio Features

Podcast 1 : Greek Economic Crisis

In this piece originally aired for WERS’ You Are Here, I looked at the Greek Debt Crisis of 2010. Interviewed in this are Eyal Dvir of Boston College and Felix Salmon who help explain the origins of the crisis and ramifications of it on the global financial market.

Podcast 2 : Boston Music Scene

In this piece aired on You Are Here, I looked at music in Boston, MA. Talking to the owner of a local rock venue along with writers from the Boston Globe, I discuss Boston’s glory days as a breeding ground for alternative music and the modern garage rock scene taking over venues today.

Podcast 3 : Border Security

In this episode of You Are Here, the US-Mexican boarder is the setting and cast ranges from a border security guard, conservative activist and a journalist who has spent the better part of two decades covering life on the border. The episode delves into the problems of boarder control and the problems faced by illegal immigrants while crossing and once reaching the border.

Podcast 4 : Gambling Addiction

This episode of You Are Here focuses on Gambling Addiction and the stories of those afflicted with it and those helping to fight and study it.

Podcast 5 : The Boston Bruins

In this sports centric episode of You Are Here, I looked at the history and current incarnation of Boston’s beloved NHL team, the Bruins. Along with the history of the team, I take a look at issues of safety in the sport and what new regulations could mean for the future of the game.

Podcast 6 : Political Comedy

This segment originally aired on WERS’ You Are Here looks at political comedy in the United States featuring interviews with the editor of The Onion, comedian Maz Jobrani and a Dartmouth professor who has been studying the topic.

Podcast 7 : Johnny Augustine

This segment originally aired on WERS’ You Are Here and is a profile of a security guard at Emerson College who almost had the once in a lifetime opportunity to become an artist for Marvel comics. I track the rise of his artistic career and the roadblocks that led him to enlist in the US Air Force.

Podcast 8 : Occupy Boston

This piece originally aired on WERS’ You Are Here, it looks at the emerging Occupy Boston movement and what life inside of Boston’s encampment at the Rose Kennedy Greenway is like.

Podcast 9 : Tablets

This segment recorded for WERS’ You Are Here, examines the growing tablet craze and how the Silicon Valley tech industry is responding to it. Amongst those interviewed are a venture capitalist, CEO of a tech start up focusing on tablet games and a journalist from website Engadget.

Podcast 10 : A Conversation with Noam Chomsky

This is an interview two colleagues and I did with MIT professor Noam Chomsky for WERS.